one of Canada’s most advanced green energy systems for new home communities

The condominiums at Victoria Common were designed with Green and Sustainability in mind. Victoria Common features geo-thermal heating and cooling, and a co-generation system. Not only is this a great initiative forward for the environment, be dramatically decreasing our community’s carbon footprint, it also adds substantial dollars to each resident’s bottom line; saving you energy costs year after year.

"geothermal heat pumps (GHP’s) are the most energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly home heating and cooling systems available"

– David Suzuki

green features

  • Victoria Common’s innovative system has the ability to produce 100% of the condominium community’s heating and cooling with very little use of natural gas, making it virtually emission-free.

  • Our geo-thermal system utilizes natural energy from the earth in order to create heating and cooling for each unit, allowing you to have either heating or cooling at any time of the year.

  • The co-generation plant has the ability to produce the electrical power required to run all of the geo-thermal pumping equipment, making our energy system a self-sustaining entity.

  • By decreasing the amount of fossil fuels required to heat and cool, there is a resulting dramatic reduction in the community’s carbon footprint.

  • When there is unused energy, it is stored in various locations, ready to be used when needed – nothing is wasted.

  • From its energy-efficient low-E argon-filled windows to its environmentally friendly landscaping, Victoria Common’s green design thinking means significant savings and greater resale value for those who purchase a home here.

Green Energy Community

Building for todays and future generations


A co-generation system will incorporate generators at various locations within the condominiums at Victoria Common. Fuelled by natural gas, the system will supply power to the geo-thermal heating and cooling system. This will allow for the heating and cooling to be independent of the city’s supply grid and provide cost savings while owners are enjoying heating/cooling year-round.

The co-generation system’s exhaust heat is recovered and recycled into the overall heating and cooling making it a very efficient system to run. Again, nothing in the system is ever wasted.

geo-exchange system

The condominiums at Victoria Common utilize a geo-exchange system in the heating and cooling of each building. Instead of burning natural gas or oil, heating and cooling is mainly produced by drawing on the earth’s natural energy. Deep holes are bored into the ground, and tubes filled with water and glycol are inserted into each hole. The water is pumped through each tube where it is warmed by the earth’s temperature in the winter and cooled in the summer. The ground acts as a “ natural” heat exchanger where heat is expelled into the ground during the summer months and absorbed from the ground during the winter months.

These tubes then go through a number of heat pumps located at the surface where hot and cold energy is extracted and used to heat and cool each building. Using proven, reliable technology this geo-exchange system is highly efficient for every unit of energy that this system uses to work, it produces 4 units of heating and cooling energy. Virtually emmission-free, the system doesn’t have boilers or chillers that are expensive to replace. In addition, it reduces water consumption compared to traditional air conditioning, and requires no cooling towers.